Some warm up to hockey

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Hockey, anyone?
That isn't a call that's often heard here in Robeson County, perhaps because the only ice to be found is in the freezer or atop a mud puddle in the middle of January. But that didn't stop half the respondents to our poll from warming up to the cold-weather Canadian sport by tuning in to watch the Carolina Hurricanes unlikely run at the Stanley Cup.
Although the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, the real winner was hockey. The sport managed to capture the attention of we Southerners, who think of icing as something to put on the cake and a check as a way to pay the utility bill.
A few of those who answered the poll are probably Northerners who have migrated south in search of good weather, good food and good people. But some of the respondents are probably sports enthusiasts who are trying to fill in the gap between ACC basketball and ACC football and prefer the fast pace of hockey to the leisurely pace of baseball.
We expect the Hurricanes will have a few more fans when the next hockey season skates in. And it's just four months until October.
Now, this week's question.
Under a budget plan approved by the Senate last week, the state would keep $333 million that is due local governments in reimbursements. The withholding of that money has made the budget process difficult for local governments.
The Senate plan, however, allows counties to add 1/2-cent to the sales tax that would raise money that they could keep.
Do you favor a 1/2-cent increase in the sales tax that would be help local governments with their budget problems?

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