Notable grads in ‘Foundations’

First Posted: 11/8/2011

It’s not unusual for the central office to receive a request for information about our school system.

We’ll hear, for example, from a family that is considering locating in Robeson County and want to know about the education available for their children. Other requests come from businesses or industries that are thinking about the possibility of locating in the county and are concerned about the education available for their employees’ children. In either case, their interest in the educational facilities has the potential of being an important factor in their decision whether or not to locate here.

To make such information available in compact form, we produced a brochure several years ago titled “Foundations for Lifelong Learning” which is distributed through Chambers of Commerce, Welcome Centers, various offices dealing with industry recruitment and, of course, the individuals requesting the information contained in it. It includes information about the size of our system, our budget, our school board, a map pointing out the location of our schools, programs featured in our schools and accomplishments of our system or employees during the preceding year.

Another feature included in the brochure is a list of some of the graduates of our high schools who, over the years, have made a name for themselves in various fields outside of Robeson County. While it wasn’t a simple matter to compile such a list given the county’s large size, the diversification of its population and the effect that integration and merger has had on our system over the years, the resulting feature was worthwhile.

In examining the list of people who had graduated from county schools over the years, it was hard not to be impressed by the fields in which county high school graduates were included. There were those who made their marks in science and athletics, in law and medicine, in business and government along with service to their country and much more. It was also interesting to note that many had graduated from high schools no longer in existence. Many people viewing the list will probably not be able to remember the high schools listed. The fact is that they did exist in places where county students were able to obtain their high school education and, thus, were legitimately eligible to be listed.

Unfortunately, a lack of space in the brochure made it impossible to list everyone who should have been listed. While space was a consideration, there was another reason some may find fault with our failure to list someone who deserved to be listed. When criteria were set for inclusion in the list, we decided to include only those people who had left the county to make their mark. Needless to say, that eliminated some very successful people from being included. However, since the intent is to publish the brochure annually with updated information, we will make every effort to include people who were not listed in this latest issue. In the meantime, if you get the opportunity to see this year’s issue of “Foundations for Lifelong Learning,” I hope you enjoy it and that the names of the graduates listed bring back some pleasant memories for you.

n Johnny Hunt is the superintendent of the Public Schools of Robeson County.

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