Invest in our youths by making a gift to Boy Scouts

First Posted: 2/19/2009

To the Editor,

During a recent luncheon to raise money for the Boy Scouts, Wendell Staton, the chairman of the event, said: “Now more than ever, an investment in the character of our youth is needed.”
As county chairman, I would like to thank Wendell Staton, all of the vice chairmen, table hosts and guests who recently attended our luncheon and made that investment with their hard-earned dollars in the character of our youth. Spud Webb, the former basketball player at N.C. State, was our guest speaker
and lunch was donated by BB&T.
As the county campaign continues, if you are called on, we hope you will consider making that investment.

James Granger
Roberson County Campaign Chairman
Boy Scouts

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