First Posted: 1/15/2009


Let’s Build on a Great Turnout!

The first RSHS PTSA/Open House was held on the 25th of September and it was the best turnout for parents that I’ve seen in the past five years!
There were at least 60 n 70 parents in attendance to hear about the current happenings at the high school and that’s exactly what the school needs… more parents getting involved. The date for our next meeting has not been scheduled yet but once it has, we hope to see twice as many parents at the next open house.

In school news, Mr. Ryberg announced that the school would be exploring the possibility of signing up for a program of SAT test preparation classes. While expensive, the educators running the classes, which will be conducted after normal school hours, guarantee improvement in SAT scores. Mr. Ryberg also invited Ms. Teresa Tubbs of UNC-P to speak briefly about financial aid for those seniors ready to take the next step in their education and are looking at college next year. It’s never too early to start looking at the finance options available for college and for those interested, there will be a forum on financial aid presented by Ms. Tubbs at the high school later in the year during or shortly after tax time. She will be providing “must have”
information for all students and parents looking at college next fall. In other happenings, the high school’s Math Department, headed by Ms.
Vanessa Reed, will be hosting a Parent’s Math Night at the school on a date to be announced.
The goal is to give parents a better
understanding of the different levels of math their children will be taking while in high school. This will help you help your children.
Please make every effort to attend! Ms. Reed is one of the school’s best and you will definately know at least a little bit more about math when you leave than you did when you arrived.

The main focus of the PTSA during the meeting was fundraising. We established an official goal to raise enough money for an electronic marquee for the school. This type of marquee can be programmed to display the dates and times of all the upcoming events at the school. The ideal place for such a sign would be somewhere in the center of town where people would be more likely to see it in their daily travels. More people would know what’s going on at the high school.
And if they know, maybe they’ll show.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our fundraisers:

Aluminum Can Drive: You collect your own empty drink cans (and some from your neighbors too) and call me when you need them picked up. I’ll turn them into cash for the school at the local recycling center. Nobody has called me yet.
Don’t be afraid to break the ice on this one!

T-Shirt Sales: The PTSA is holding a T-shirt design contest where students will compete for the $100 prize for the best design. Sample shirts will be made with the winning design and orders will be taken for sales. All the proceeds go to the school. We hope you’ll buy one and wear it proudly!

Pizza Hut Cards: We need ten volunteers to sell ten of these cards each. The cards cost $10 and the holder can get ten free pizzas with it. It’s a very good deal and the school will get $6 for each card sold.

Direct Donations: Representatives of the PTSA and the school will be approaching local businesses to ask for donations for the new marquee. This is another one where we need volunteers to act in an official capacity for the PTSA. If you know a local businessman really well, you should be the one to ask them to support the school and the education of our children. Volunteers will be provided a letter signed by the principal and the PTSA president that certifies them as a fundraiser.

The next PTSA sponsored event will be the Senior Night Tailgate Party on the 29th of October. The party will be held near the football field a couple of hours before the home game that night.
Please call me if you would like to volunteer to help set-up and monitor the party. As with this event and our fundraisers, the more people we get to help the better the outcome will be. Help us make education a priority in Red Springs. Feel free to call or email if you want to help or have suggestions or other comments. 843-1298, [email protected]

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