PURYEAR QUITS POST: Coaching carousel continues at Red Springs

First Posted: 2/16/2011

Actually we don’t really know if he was an asset to the football program or not. One season is not enough time to establish one’s coaching style in a program like RSHS football. The kids need a coach that will be stay longer than one season or two. I guess we won’t get to see what Puryear really had to offer to the program. To place blame on Henderson or anyone else is not solving any of the problems within the football program. Parents, grandparents, etc. can help too. Join organizations like the Booster Club, for example, to positively boost athletics at RSHS. Negativity is not making anything better for the kids. We, as relatives, friends, local business owners, etc. need to step up and help make good memories for the kids at RSHS. Go RED DEVILS !!

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