Text messages prompted fight

First Posted: 8/23/2011

WOW! really?? three guys against one and drews calling self defense??! what a coward!. If he was so (scared) of chad then he wouldnt of even went up there! and him saying he didnt know he had stabbed him is BS! why else would he hide the knives?? hes nothing but a albino looking murderer who was jealous of chad. i do not blame chad for having a bat!! 3 guys against one?? really!! think about it ppl..knife against bat..hmmm..3 against one! maybe you should read the bible about MURDER and for all u ppl that believe drew and adam and that dirty s*** ashlee is innocent..ur gonna burn in hell right beside them!! and about the drugs.. wth does that have ne thing to do with it?? A LIFE WAS TAKEN..DO U REALLY NOT SEE THAT??? whay they did to chad was pathetic and cowardly and i hope they fuckin pay for it..if its not down here best believe it will be up there..you need help if u agree with the drew or adam. if chad was so much of a person that loved to fight then why was drew the one calling him and trying to fight him???? really ppl all these lies and BS about chad will be brought to light. TRUST ME..he went there with an intent to kill chad..i mean look at drew ..he looks physco as it is!! im praying for the Arnette family and that justice is served..those cowards need to be locked up amd put away FOREVER and as well as the b**** ashlee who is the reason for ALL OF THIS!!!

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