Support Hardin family

First Posted: 1/15/2009

The effort to assist a former Town of St. Pauls Public Works Department employee and his family is continuing because the word about the real and pressing need has not gotten out.
A fund to assist Paul Hardin, the Pubic Works Department Assistant Director for several years until he was forced off the job by sickness, has been established by St. Pauls Community Relief, a project of the St. Pauls Shriners, Masons and Eastern Star.
Mr. Hardin has been out of work since March, suffering from a debilitating and painful illness that has left him bed-ridden. He also missed most of his scheduled work time last year because of his condition.
His wife, Ann, was laid off last year when Black and Decker closed. She is currently enrolled at Robeson Community College where she is receiving job training, so there is very little income coming into the household of four. Medical expenses continue to rise.
Please help this family in its time of dire need.
Please mail your tax deductible contribution, earmarked Hardin Fund, to St. Pauls Community Relief, PO Box 611, St. Pauls, North Carolina 28384.

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