Wife: Misunderstanding led to husband’s death

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON - Judy Killens said a series of misunderstandings led to her husband's death on Saturday at the hands of her cousin.
James Anthony Killens, 46, died after he suffered a gunshot wound to the face.
Investigators say Killens had gone to a relative's home to accuse her of loaning his wife a car so that she could meet another man.
Garry Bracey, who has been charged in the death, has told police he shot his cousin by marriage to protect his mother.
Judy Killens said the accusation that she was with a man is not true. She said she was playing bingo with her daughter in Dublin when the shooting occurred.
Police say Bracey, 51, of 207 Hay St., told investigators that he was trying to scare James Anthony Killens by firing his weapon into the air. But Bracey told police that Killens, brandishing a knife, continued toward him.
&#8220He shouldn't have been shot in the face,” Killens said. &#8220If Garry wanted to stop him, he could've shot him in the leg … he didn't have to shoot him at all.”
Judy Killens said she had been married to her husband for five years and they lived at 178 Beverly Circle off Carthage Road. He worked at S&P Tobacco warehouse.
&#8220I thought we were going to grow old together,” Judy Killens said.
The shooting death happened Saturday at 10:40 p.m. at Bracey's mother's home at 208 Hay St.

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