Woods fires blazing again

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Staff report
LUMBERTON - Fires are again flaring up across the county, putting 27 of the 32 volunteer fire departments to work on Monday.
&#8220We're getting to have these fires again,” said Charles Britt, the county fire marshal. &#8220Even though there aren't any real bad ones, the potential is there - it's getting dry again.”
Britt said there were about 20 woods fires on Monday, mostly in the northern and western parts of the county.
He said residents need to remember that a statewide burning ban remains in effect. He said the only outside fire that a Robeson County resident can legally start is on a grill.
Those who violate the fan risk being fined and having to pay court costs.
Fire officials don't want to see a repeat of last month's long-hour days of fighting as many as 150 Robeson County fires. The weather forecast, however, is in their favor, with a strong chance of widespread rain later in the week.

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