That is All: Debate will outlive Dr. Death

First Posted: 6/4/2011

If you could see a flow chart of the presence of intestinal fortitude and unselfishness in this country, I can assure you the trend is trending downward and fast. I have a neightbor who was healthy one day, coughing up blood the next and passed away from cancer two years to the day it all started. She inspired hundreds around her showing her tenacity to live. She inspired her children and will live on in their hearts for the rest of their lives with her will to live even in the face of a certain sad outcome. In a country that now has emasculated multitudes of citizens who say "I can’t", I say FIGHT. Even in the end you have NO idea what benefit you can bring to those around you who will live on. I will go down fighting until the end just as I do each day fighting for success. As I heard from a loved one at one point, "True hell is passing away and knowing you did not give it your all to utilize your strengths only to lie in the warm earth for eternity." Think about that.

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