Chamber membership up to 64

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Sixty-four area businesses have now rejoined or joined the St. Pauls Chamber of Commerce, which will continue its annual membership drive through the end of this month.
Chamber President Suzanne McGougan wrote several businesses and asked for their support, and her appeal has resulted in three businesses renewing that support for the Chamber and for St. Pauls.
Zachary’s Restaurant, Care Management Services, and Schultz and Ellis Chiropractic have recently renewed membership in the Chamber.
“There remain just a few of our current members who have not yet renewed,” Ms. McGougan said. “We would love to get them back and reach our goal of 100% renewal, and then add a few more new businesses in this, our 49th year of service to the business community and to St. Pauls in general.
“I urge any current member who has not yet renewed to do so immediately, before August 31, and I ask the new businesses that have opened up recently to join us. Individuals are also welcome to join us as well..
“The Chamber is an active contributor to and backer of St. Pauls. We promote development and growth, and we’re able to return business members’ investments (dues) through projects such as banners and the clock. We hope to become even more active in the future and membership allows and powers that.”
If you would like to renew your membership in the Chamber of Commerce, or if you’d like to begin your business association with the group, please call 865-3849 or write St. Pauls Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 243, SPNC 28384.

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