“Spirits’ on display

First Posted: 11/5/2011

Staff report

PEMBROKE — The Museum of the Native American Resource Center is pleased to introduce its new exhibit, “Spirits Among Us,” by Lumbee artist Gloria Tara Lowery.

“Spirits Among Us” will open on Thursday and will be on display through the end of January. The museum is located in Old Main on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Lowery is a retired art teacher with the Public Schools of Robeson County. Her works have been shown in the Native American Resource Center and across North Carolina in various venues for many years.

Stan Knick, curator and director of the museum, said this is a must-see exhibition for fans of Lowery’s work.

“Gloria is using a somewhat different palette and some different techniques, but she has always been a very spiritual artist,” Knick said. “She sees and paints things that most folks may not see.”

Lowery said her newest exhibit reaches into the world of spirits for inspiration.

“I have always felt a powerful connection with the spiritual world and have always known that the ancient people of this land continue to walk among us,” she said. “They are always ready to guide, comfort and protect us.

“The native people of this land share a special link with those ancient spirits, though sometimes their ethereal existence escapes us,” Lowery continued. “However, through my work, a gap is usually present between the veil that separates us, and I can not only see their familiar images, but hear their happy, joyous voices as they traverse the intangible planes.”

A reception for the show will be held on Thursday at 7 p.m., in the Native American Resource Center in Old Main. The public is welcome.

For information, call (910) 521-6282 or e-mail [email protected]

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