Family Farm of the Year

First Posted: 1/15/2009

On behalf of my Dad, Duncan Malloy, I would like to thank the Crop Promotion Association and the Extension office for the honor of presenting the “Robeson County Family Farm of the Year.” My dad was asked to present this award, and regretfully is unable to attend so I would like to present this award.
This year’s farm family moved to Robeson County in 1970 after leaving Bob Scott’s Dairy Farm to work with row crop farming. He went to work for John Balfour in 1971 where he began row crop farming and stayed there until he purchased his own farm in 1978 located in western Robeson County near Lumber Bridge where he and his wife still live today. Together he and his wife have built a respectable family farming operation. They both would work side by side plowing, planting, and harvesting the crops, and now work along with two of their sons to continue their farming legacy. It is truly a family operation with each of them working together from production to harvest of the many acres of row crops that they tend to.
They currently farm approximately 4000 acres of wheat, soybeans, and corn in Robeson and surrounding counties. They were the first farm in this area to use strip till in row crops, a soil conservation tillage system that combines both the benefits of no-till and full-width tillage. This farm operation constantly researches and practices the latest technology for increasing crop yields and lowering production costs. The yield monitors on their combines give them real time updates on yields throughout different areas of the field, which enables them to know exactly what each combine is harvesting. They use GPS sampling each year so that they will know exactly what types of fertilizer and lime will be needed to produce the best crop yields for the next growing season. They are believers in planting cover crops in the fall to help with weed suppression and increasing organic matter in the soil for upcoming spring and summer row crops.
This year’s winners are actively involved in the community, and have four children, Sharon, Daniel, Sam, and Zack and two grandchildren. We are very proud that their sons, Sam and Zack have returned to their family’s farm in western Robeson County, after graduating with degrees in agriculture from North Carolina State University, because there are so few people that are entering farming or returning home to continue family traditions of farming. Would you please join me in congratulating this year’s Robeson County Family Farm of the Year to David, Jenny, Sam, and Zack Walton.

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