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First Posted: 2/13/2009

The Robeson Rifle Guards Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans made a large donation toward the purchase of the monument for the Spanish American War for the librarys garden. We are very close to having the needed funds. Over the last couple of months, a number of people have helped, including Bill and Mayme Tubbs, Merle and Ann Summers, Gene Hackney, Carey Pulley and the Knights of Columbus at St. Francis de Sales Church. But, a few more $25 gifts are needed. Please consider a $25 donation.
The May 8, 1919, edition of The Robesonian printed a list of Spanish-American War volunteers from Robeson County who were from Company F, Lumber Bridge Light Infantry, 2nd Regiment. The list was provided by Maj. John D. Cobb. According to The Robesonian: The list includes all of the company who served during the Spanish American war from Robeson.
The mens names are as follows: Edgar Hall of Lumber Bridge; John A. Currie of Lumber Bridge; J.D. Cobb of Lumber Bridge; A.H. McLeod of Lumberton; W.O. Byrns of Maxton; L.A. McInnis of St. Pauls; John R. McMillan of Red Springs; Henry W. Blake of Lumberton; Alex B. Buie of Maxton; James D. Taylor of Red Springs; Murdock H. McKinnon of Red Springs; William J. Abrams of Red Springs; E.L. Austin of Maxton; W.F. Ayatte of Maxton; Hiriam M. Barfield of Lumberton; Nathaniel Brock of Lumber Bridge; Roy Bullard of Lumber Bridge; M.M Bundy of Maxton; A.R. Currie of Lumber Bridge; M.B. Haywood of Red Springs; W.B. McKenzie of Maxton; Ed B. McMillan of Lumberton; Peter McQueen of Lumber Bridge; John M. Watson of Red Springs; John McLauchlin of Howellsville; C. R. Mercer of Howellsville; Wade A. Mercer of Howellsville; J. . Hickman of Howellsville.
The following are additional names of veterans of that war: C.C. Carter of Shannon; W.W. Parker of Lumberton; W.P. McAllister of Lumberton; John Roach of Lumberton;and F.G. Boersig of Lumberton.

I received a letter from June Nygaard last week. June is a member of the Colonel Thomas Robeson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She spearheaded the drive to place a monument in the garden to honor those who fought to establish our country and system of government. She told me that the monument, purchased with members contributions, will probably be ready in March.
The project to install monuments to honor those who fought for our country was begun a few years ago when Chapter 7 of the DAV wanted to honor those who served our country. By the end of March, there will be monuments recognizing the veterans of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Desert Storm.
We have Chapter 7 of the DAV to thank for starting a program that honored those who helped make and secure our way of life. Through their example, other citizens and organizations became involved. Lumbertons World War I Memorial Park has always been a pleasant place to visit. Now it is a place to remember the sacrifices of our past.
Bob Fisher is the director of the Robeson County Public Library. He can be reached at [email protected]

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