Walker Fund looks for after Thanksgiving giving

First Posted: 1/15/2009

The Walker Fund is in high gear, getting ready to help make many local families’ Christmas a little brighter than many had reason to hope just a week or so ago.
Applications for assistance are now available ONLY at the St. Pauls Public Library and at the St. Pauls Police Department.
Applications for assistance, for oneself or for a family member or neighbor, must be picked up at one of these two locations, filled out completely, and returned by December 4.
These applications for assistance, coupled with those arriving from the three schools, will be studied immediately and either accepted or denied.
Those accepted for assistance this year will be notified by a John Walker Fund representative during the weekend of December 19, 20 and 21.
In order to assist as many families as possible, all donations should be in as soon as possible, with December 15 being the target date. Of course late donations will always be accepted, but in order for the Walker Fund Committee to begin writing gift certificates for food, fuel, clothing and toys, all donations that are coming in should ideally be received by December 15. This allows for the greatest, most equitable distribution of the community’s generosity.
”I’ve always been very optimistic about this Fund,” said Committee chair Joe Loflin, “but I think there is a big question mark about meeting the requests this year. So we encourage all churches, businesses and ourselves to go ahead and make a donation. There has been more demand in the past few weeks than ever before.
”If we have to do less per family this year, that’s what we’ll have to do,” he said.
The gift certificates that the community makes possible through donations will be redeemable at local businesses, and Walker Fund members are busy reaffirming relationships with participating merchants.
The Walker Fund is unique among charitable organizations, in that 100% of every dollar goes directly to local families. There is no overhead, no postage costs, no salaries. Everything the Walker Fund Committee does is completely voluntary and it works without a budget or expense account. Every dollar goes to help local families, and the money stays in this community! How unique is that!
If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the 2008 John Walker Memorial Christmas Fund, a project of the St. Pauls Lions Club, please do so immediately or ASAP by mailing it to P. O. Box 653, St. Pauls, North Carolina, 28384.

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