Musical champions Andrew Jackson, trivializes genocide of Ameican Indians

First Posted: 9/21/2010

Ex Lumberton, I’m gonna say something good about Andy Jackson ? But what,you said about the Dixiecrats,well that just went over my head,it’s the polar opposite….Google is your friend Ex Lumberton,Google’s your friend… I did like the fact Andy Jackson paid off the National Debt,I kinda like what he done in his Bank Wars ? But he did over rule the Supreme Court,by not enforcing their ruling…Killing woman & children &taking their land, using sell out "Apple Indians" & common trash, to commit the worse atrocites… Be thankful for Gen. Jackson,because HENRY CLAY would have been much worse ? " The Indians are doomed to extinction,but their disappearance from the human family,will be no great loss to world"…-Henry Clay.BIA.Senator K.Y…Andrew Jackson went to his grave thinking,he might have saved some "Indians" from total genocide ? Maybe he did ? -The Jackson’s Indian Robert Remni

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