Hammonds seeks re-election

First Posted: 1/15/2009

PEMBROKE -- An incumbent was the only person to file for candidacy Friday in the Lumbee Tribal government election.
The election will be held Nov. 4. The filing deadline is Sept. 16.
Linda Hammonds, a District 9 representative and head of the Constitution and Ordinance committees, filed to keep her seat. District 9 includes the Saddletree area.
“If I am given the opportunity to serve as a councilwoman for a second term, I pledge to continue to devote every effort of body, mind and spirit to fulfilling the Lumbee Tribal Government's oath of office and to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to continue to do well,” Hammonds said.
“I will continue to state the facts frankly and to give a faithful accounting to those whom I owe an obligation of trust,” she said. “When tribal laws, policies and procedures are right, I will work to keep them right; when they are wrong, I intend to work to set them right.”
Hammonds said she is a “person of courage” and of “integrity” and dedicated to her responsibilities. She added that she'll use “reliable” and “sound” judgment, if re-elected.
Hammonds works with the Public Schools of Robeson County.
She lives in the Saddletree community with her husband, Ronald Hammonds. They have four grown children.
The Robesonian will publish stories as needed on filings for the Lumbee Tribal election on Nov. 4. In order to treat all candidates fairly, we have established the following guidelines:
Candidates are invited to provide us with a photograph, biographical sketch and a statement explaining why they are running for office. That must be done the same day they file or the following day before 9 a.m. at our office at 121 W. Fifth St., Lumberton. Information that is received late will not be published. Candidates who file by mail should send their information to The Robesonian at the same time they mail their application.
If needed, The Robesonian will take a photograph if the candidate comes by our office. For information, call Editor Donnie Douglas, Managing Editor Curt Vincent or staff writer Mark Locklear. The number is 739-4322.

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