Carter takes UNCP wheel

First Posted: 4/10/2010

I wish PSU69 was right, but as an employee I know first hand. The coaches were hired and paid using academic salary money. They taught a course on “health” or “physical ed” so technically they did teach, but the rest of their time was spent on athletic activities. Don’t believe the lie the former administration put out there. I sat in meeting after meeting where they discussed trying to find a way to get enough athletic money to switch the salaries over to athletic fees, but it just wasn’t there.

There were also the maintenance monies that went to build up the athletic facilities that should have gone to repair things on campus.

And as for retention, you haven’t seen the official stats from UNC. We are on the bottom, and its due to Meador’s charge to increase enrollment. So, if you could pay the tuition and fill out the papers, you got admitted. Now, tens of thousands of dollars that should be going to enhance academics are going to remediation of students who would probably be better served in a community college or trade rather than trying to struggle through college.

This is the truth whether its agreed on or now.

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