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First Posted: 1/14/2011

It wasn’t until I worked out this morning that I knew what I was going to write about for my next article. You see a part of me wants to write about new and different stuff every time. Even things I may not currently know about, but would be willing to research and learn. There’s something exciting about finding out new and useful information that I can pass on to the reader.
However, another part of me wants to continue to write about some of the subjects that have monopolized most of my articles so far. You know, eat right, exercise, and quit smoking. Although they’re topics I’ve already discussed, I feel like some of them need to be “pounded” home so people finally get the message. And that’s when I saw it today at 5 a.m.
As I have recently talked about, since the birth of my daughter Noel nearly 20 months ago,I have been doing most of my workouts at home using P90X. Which is a great home exercise program. Anyway, at the start of each video three little words pop up on the screen: DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED. As I read these I think to myself how great it is that so many different people can have so many different reasons for wanting to get healthy, but the one thing that unites us is making that mental connection. You have to decide to get healthy. You have to use whatever it takes to get your mind in a place that no matter how hard it may be, no matter how much you struggle, the reasons you have for starting are too powerful to quit. However, no matter how powerful your reasons may be, I’d be willing to guess you will still run into some problems along the way. So here are three more things that might help.
First, don’t get caught up in the numbers. A lot of good people begin wellness programs thinking too much about counting calories, or adding up points and although this may work for some, most end up quitting because the numbers become too much to keep up with. Plus, just because you count calories or add up points, that doesn’t mean your getting the right kind of calories or the best points. If you really need to make it a “numbers game” just remember this. If you burn more calories than you take in, you can’t help but loose weight. Plus, don’t “over weigh” yourself. If you’re constantly checking the scale you may become more frustrated with a lack of results in short periods of time.
Second, don’t deprive yourself of all of those foods you love to eat, you’ll only end up craving them even more. Instead, concentrate on portion size. You can have pasta, but only eat an amount the size of your fist. Have some potatoes, but make it sweet potatoes, have your bread, but choose wheat bread and follow the serving size information on the label. However, you still need to avoid some things altogether. But those are the high-fat, high-calorie, high-sugar foods that you know deep down you’re not supposed to have. Even then, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a really really great week of being good, with a small treat of something “bad.”
Third, I just want to continue to encourage you to maintain a regular exercise schedule. Eating all the right foods, and portion sizes is only half the battle. You must also start getting your body in shape by participating in activities that get your heart rate going like walking, running, or aerobics and also some weight training to get strong muscles and tone your body. Nothing burns fat more than building muscle.
So instead of simply having “weight loss” as your goal, make that mental connection and find something more powerful to push you along the way. You’ve probably had that weight loss goal before and failed. But what if your goal was to be able to play more with your grandchildren, or coach your son’s soccer team or walk your 20-month-old daughter down the aisle some day.

Mike DeCinti is the marketing director for Lumberton Radiological Associates. He can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 738-8222, Ext. 258.

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