Kenneth Sealey (D) 11,506 (90 percent)

First Posted: 1/15/2009

James Hall (R) 1,286 (10 percent)
County gives Sealey a 90 percent grade

LUMBERTON - Sheriff Kenneth Sealey made light work of his Republican challenger by garnering 90 percent of the votes cast on Tuesday.
Sealey said he didn't know much about his opponent, James Hall, a military weapons inspector at Fort Bragg who boasted of knowing drug dealers because he smoked marijuana for 30 years. Neither did many in the county.
Still, Sealey said, &#8220you never take anything for granted.”
Sealey, who captured 11,506 of the 12,792 votes cast, celebrated his victory at the Quality Inn in Lumberton with hundreds of supporters. The Fairmont native gave a short speech before stopping by the county's Board of Election office Tuesday night to see the unofficial results for himself.
&#8220I told them that I appreciate what each and everyone of them has done for me since I have been appointed sheriff and prior to becoming sheriff,” Sealey said.
Hall said this morning that he ran against Sealey to bring to light corruption at the Sheriff's Office. Hall was referring to the four-year investigation by state and federal authorities that resulted in several arrests and guilty pleas.
&#8220I think the race brought enough controversy that we will get help out of it,” Hall said. &#8220It put eyes on a lot of people. We need help. I would not stick my neck out there like that if I didn't think we needed help.”
The county Board of Commissioners appointed Sealey, a 30-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office, in January 2005 to complete former Sheriff Glenn Maynor's unfinished term.
&#8220I have always tried to work with our communities since I've been in law enforcement. I appreciate the support they have given me. I also appreciate their confidence and trust in me.”
One of his goals is to re-establish the disbanded drug task force.
&#8220I want to try to do that in the near future, hopefully in the next several months,” Sealey said. &#8220There are several other things I'm working on, too. I want to hire more deputies and continue to work with our community watch groups which have been successful.”


Dock Locklear, interim county elections supervisor, said about 17 percent of the county's 75,381 eligible voters cast ballots Tuesday. There were only two local races, and only statewide judicial races.
&#8220The rain kept some people away but the ones that really wanted to vote went to the polls and voted,” Locklear said. &#8220Typically in an off-year election where you don't have the governor or president running, you are going to have a light turnout.”
There were no problems with the new voting machines, he said.
&#8220I had a couple of people call and say they were turned away and not allowed to vote,” Locklear said. &#8220When they were offered a provisional ballot, they refused to vote saying it was too much of a hassle.”
The canvas will be 11 a.m. at the Board of Election office on Nov. 17.

Precinct-by-Precinct Voting
Alfordsville - Sealey,183, Hall, 19; Back Swamp - Sealey, 300, Hall, 22; Britts - Sealey, 220, Hall, 30; Burnt Swamp - Sealey, 286, Hall, 28; Fairmont No. 1 - Sealey; 533, Hall, 26; Fairmont No. 2 - Sealey, 221, Hall, 18; Gaddys - Sealey, 169, Hall, 12; East Howellsville - Sealey, 203, Hall, 38; West Howellsville - Sealey, 210, Hall, 37; Lumber Bridge - Sealey. 136, Hall, 44; Lumberton No. 1 - Sealey, 949, Hall, 153; Lumberton No. 2 - Sealey, 299, Hall, 39; Lumberton No. 3 - Sealey, 320, Hall, 32; Lumberton No. 4 - Sealey, 145, Hall, 23; Lumberton No. 5 - Sealey, 194, Hall, 19; Lumberton No. 6 - Sealey, 213, Hall, 11; Lumberton No. 7 - Sealey, 95, Hall, 18; Lumberton No. 8 - Sealey, 432, Hall, 52; Maxton - Sealey, 565, Hall, 44; Orrum - Sealey, 231, Hall, 10; Parkton - Sealey 239, Hall, 110; North Pembroke - Sealey, 309, Hall, 26; South Pembroke - Sealey, 461, Hall, 38; Philadelphus - Sealey, 124, Hall, 26; Raft Swamp - Sealey, 187,Hall, 18; Red Springs No. 1 - Sealey, 373, Hall, 52; Red Springs No. 2 - Sealey, 225, Hall, 56; Rennert - Sealey, 118, Hall, 19; Rowland - Sealey, 376, Hall, 22; Saddletree - Sealey, 369, Hall, 21; North St. Pauls - Sealey, 350, Hall, 115; South St. Pauls - Sealey, 285, Hall, 93; Shannon - Sealey, 66, Hall, 19; Oxendine - Sealey, 150, Hall, 23; Prospect - Sealey, 301, Hall, 24; Smyrna - Sealey, 152, Hall, 7; Sterlings - Sealey, 132, Hall, 7; Thompson - Sealey, 88, Hall, 11; Union - Sealey, 236, Hall, 8; Whitehouse - Sealey, 137, Hall, 4; Wisharts - Sealey, 381, Hall, 66; Absentee - Sealey, 543, Hall, 80.

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