Baptist men address Shannon Ruritans on Hurricane Katrina progress

First Posted: 1/15/2009

After going to the Hurricane Katrina-stricken areas that are still in need of assistance, five men from Red Springs’ First Baptist Church have gone and come back with some amazing stories of the forlorn conditions that still exist today, a year after one of the worst and most costliest hurricanes to hit America. Among the men were D.A. Ratley, Gary Phillips, Brad Boberg, Ed Tyndal and Ted Smith. Mr. Tyndal and Mr. Smith are also Ruritan club members.
Mr. Ratley and Mr. Phillips were recent guests of the Shannon Ruritans and gave a special program on their journeys, what they have done in their trips there to Gulf Port, Mississippi, one of the most ravaged places to be hit next to the City of New Orleans.
“I’ve been on four different trips myself,” said Ratley. “Our church, First Baptist, has been on three but I went on one trip with another church, Galilee Baptist in Bladenboro. We went to Mississippi and cut trees of the tops of houses, patched up roofs and stuff like that. That was in September. Then in November, we went back with our church and did what we called

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