Woman guilty of stealing $26,000

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON - A Red Springs woman pled guilty Monday to stealing more than $26,000 from a Parkton business where she had worked since she was a teenager.
Kimberly Violetta Emanuel, 27, of 162 Brigman St., Red Springs, avoided an active prison sentence after pleading guilty to five counts of larceny by employee. She worked at Parnell Oil.
Superior Court Judge James Ammons Jr. sentenced her to 12 to 16 months in prison, but all that time was suspended, and three to five years on probation. Ammons also ordered Emanuel to pay back the $26,272.84 she took from the Parkton company. According to court records, the money was stolen between May 16, 2004, and May 24, 2004.
Emanuel no longer works for Parnell Oil. Neither Emanuel nor Tim Parnell, the company's owner, could be reached for comment.
Assistant District Attorney Martha Duvall said Emanuel did not receive active jail time because she had no prior criminal record.
“Typically someone with no prior record would get a suspended sentence and be put on probation,” Duvall said. “Even the victim indicated he didn't want her to go to jail. I think the victim suspected she was giving the money to a local television evangelist or local church, but she didn't fess up to it in court and said it was for bills.”
Duvall said the Emanuel case was not hers but she handled the plea agreement for another assistant district attorney, Vanessa Burton, who was sick on Monday.

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