Inmate charged in assault on officers

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON — A 19-year-old inmate awaiting trial on murder charges assaulted three jailers with a pair of loose handcuffs on Thursday, according to a sheriff’s major, and one of the officers required medical attention and stitches to his face.
Ronald Montrell Jiggetts is charged with three counts of assault on a governmental official, according to Maj. James Hunt. Hunt said Jiggetts, of Maxton, also bit one of the officers on the hand.
Hunt said the incident occurred in a hallway at the Robeson County Detention Center moments after visiting hours ended at 8 p.m.
“Ronald was coming out of the visiting area and he was approached by Officer William Gay who directed him to go back to his cell,” Hunt said. “He refused to go to his cell.”
Detective Alex Monroe said Jiggetts stopped to talk with inmates in two separate jail cells as Gay ordered him to return to his cell.
As Gay attempted to escort Jiggetts to his cell, Jiggetts jerked away. Sgt. Elmer Hunt and Officer Welbert Cummings ran over, but were only able to cuff one of Jiggetts’ wrists.
As a struggle ensued, Elmer Hunt was struck in the nose with the cuffs, causing a wound that required four stitches. Gay was struck in the head and neck. Cummings was punched in the side of his head and bitten twice on his right hand.
Monroe said Jiggetts was treated at the jail infirmary for injuries to his wrist.
Jiggetts has been in jail since December. Investigators charged Jiggetts and five others with the Dec. 7 shooting death of Andy Oxendine. Oxendine was killed during a home invasion at his son’s house on Philadelphus Road near Pembroke.

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