Check out your locksmith

First Posted: 2/26/2010

RALEIGH The North Carolina Locksmith Licensing Board, the agency charged with protecting the public against persons with the skill and ability to gain access to your car, home or business, continues to file warrants with local law enforcement across the state.
Investigations by the NCLLB have uncovered unlicensed individuals, some of whom possess criminal backgrounds, as well as networks of unlicensed people whose intent is to charge high rates and inflict property damage on people.
The licensing process ensures the consumer that they are safe from people who could at the least charge them for high prices for low quality work, but at the worst, potentially be a threat to their safety, said Kevin Seymour, chairman of the NCLLB.
The locksmith licensing board will continue to investigate unlicensed persons doing business in the state, he said.
Several recommendations for consumers to aid in uncovering unlicensed locksmiths include:
Ask for their badge. Each licensed locksmith must carry a photo ID issued by the Board with the state seal.
Look for the license number on every business advertisement. The license number should be listed prominently on all advertising.
Check the boards Web site to see who is current in your area. Individually licensed locksmiths are listed on the Web site
For information, call (919) 838-8782.

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