Traffic stop leads to drug seizure

First Posted: 1/15/2009

After stopping an individual on McQueen Road last Tuesday during a routine traffic stop, sheriffs deputies noticed that Woody Junior Butler was not wearing a seat belt.
Investigators then notice his passenger and found cocaine in the 1993 Toyota Camry. Mr. Butler, who is 35 and lives at 760 South Chicken Road. His passenger, James Adam Locklear, 27, lives at 717 South Chicken Road.
According to The Robesonian newspaper, about $20,000 worth of cocaine was found.
As agents were questioning the subjects, their suspicions were raised as the two stories did not match up and the passenger was very nervous, Lt. Charles Revels stated in the newspaper.
Agents then searched both occupants and found Locklear to have a large object in his front pocket. The object was a clear plastic bag that contained approximately 120 grams of the illegal substance.
Both Butler and Locklear were arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine by transporting, trafficking in cocaine by possession, conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Deputies cited Butler for driving with a revoked license.
The men were booked but release after posting $75,000 bail each.

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