Town gives nod to rib, bike festival

First Posted: 1/15/2009

ST. PAULS - Organizers of a new festival that would feature ribs, car and bikes call the event a way to bring more people and dollars into St. Pauls.
But some town officials, while giving their unanimous blessing to the Rib Festival/Car and Bike Show that is scheduled for April 7, voiced reservations that an event that includes music, motorcycles and a contest for the loudest car speaker system would disturb some residents.
&#8220Don't nobody want to hear all that noise,” said Johnny Steed, a town resident. &#8220When it is loud like that you can hear it all across town and it bothers people.”
Maurice Martin, one of the festival organizers, told the board that the music, which ends at 8 p.m., will be directed away from residential neighborhoods. And he said the audio contest will held in the afternoon.
&#8220I see this as mainly a family event where people can come out with their kids and have a good time,” Martin said. &#8220We are even planning an Easter Egg hunt. It should be a great way to bring more people and more dollars into St. Pauls.”
Martin, who recently moved to Parkton, said he has sponsored similar festivals in New Jersey. He said he has about seven vendors lined up to cook and sell ribs, but expects Harley and 4-wheelers to be the big draw. Trophies will be handed out for vehicles with the most chrome, loudest systems and biggest wheels.
Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under.
&#8220There certainly is the potential for this to be good for the town,” said Mike Phillips, who was attending his first board meeting as the town administrator. &#8220… Of course, there may be some problems that slip by us. But it is learning process and we will catch them next time.”
In other business, the board voted to appoint Phillips as the town official to sign paperwork in connection with a mosquito control grant. Phillips, 59, began as administrator on March 2. The 59-year-old Greenville, S.C., replaced Larry Di Re, who became town manager of Berkeley, III.
After the meeting, Phillips said he was &#8220learning his way around” Town Hall.
&#8220I'm playing catch up,” said Phillips, who last served as administrator for two years for the Chester City Council in Chester, S.C. &#8220There is much to learn, but I'm enjoying it. This is a great community and I'm looking forward to working with the board and the community.”
Also Thursday, the board:
– Voted to purchase two new police cruisers for a total cost of about $43,000. The St. Pauls Police Department needs the two 2007 Ford Crown Victorias after one patrol car was totaled in an accident last month. The engine on another police cruiser is being rebuilt.
– Adopted an ordinance to voluntarily annex property on Chapel Street and Woodside Avenue owned by Johnny and Doris Stephens.
- Approved a conditional-use permit David McQueen needs to place a mobile home on South Elizabeth Street.

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