Major: Suicide possible in nurse's death

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON -- Preliminary indications suggest that Lolly Sampson might have died from a self-inflicted wound to her arm, according to sheriff's Maj. Jimmy Maynor. Maynor cautioned that complete test results are not in yet and that Sampson's death is still under investigation.
“All test results are not complete and it has not been ruled as a suicide,” Maynor said. “These are pending test results from the SBI lab and autopsy results.”
Sampson's partially nude body was found Thursday morning in her bathtub. She had suffered a “severe laceration” to her arm. Maynor said the wound was slightly below the elbow on her left forearm.
Sampson's death was discovered when her sister went to her house after being unable to reach her at work or at home. A blood-smeared front door led investigators into the house, where an “enormous” amount of blood was also found.
Sampson worked as a care manager at Southeastern Regional Medical Center.
Authorities believe a knife retrieved from the bathtub might have been the weapon used, but are waiting for further tests on the knife, Maynor said. Maynor declined to comment on the type of knife.
Many questions are still waiting to be answered in Sampson's death, all pending on the return of forensic results from the State Bureau of Investigation. Some key questions are whether or not any foreign substances were in Sampson's blood at the time and if all of the blood found in the home was Sampson's.
Sampson was last seen about 10 p.m. Wednesday in her home by a male acquaintance, whose name is being withheld. She made a call to her work Wednesday night and left a voice-mail message saying she would not be at work Thursday. Authorities were unable to retrieve the call after it had been listened to by a secretary, Maynor said.
Sampson, 46, lived at 109 Shamrock Drive in Lakewood Estates, just outside the city limits near Robeson Community College. She was recently divorced from her ex-husband, Michael Sampson.
Lela Ray, president of the Lakewood Estates Block Association brought a statement to The Robesonian this morning that said: “Our hearts are saddened from hearing about the tragedy of Lolly Sampson. We the community of Lakewood Estates send our heartfelt condolences to her family. We can no longer allow ourselves to be complacent, nestled away in comfort and isolation. It's time for the residents to wake up and become actively concerned about his/her neighbor.
“Knock on their doors, ring their bells and reach out to them. Living in the community of Lakewood Estates, it's needful to become acquainted with your neighbors. I realize some neighbors are showing concern, reach out, but to the ones that feel I speak to you. No man is an island. We need to wake up and become involved with our neighbors.”

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