22 years later, answer arrives to students note

First Posted: 7/27/2011

FAIRMONT If you are 27- or 28-year-old Johnathan Chavis, the principal at Green Grove Elementary would like for you to come by to pick up the response to a message you sent 22 years ago, one that floated 28.25 miles northward on some hot air and a tail wind.
In November 1989, Chavis, then a student at Green Grove, wrote the following on a balloon: Hi! My name is Jonathan Chavis. I am 6 years old and in the 1st grade. I launched the balloon you found on November 15, 1989 National Young Readers Day. My favorite book is: Garfield. Please return this card with your name and address.
He then let it fly.
Gena Byrd, a school nurse in Greene County, recently sent a note to Green Grove that had been dated July 14, 2010.
Your balloon has landed, she wrote. I hope this note finds you in Fairmont. You are now 27 years of age. The note was written a year ago, which is why Chavis is now probably 28 years old.
Byrd said either her son or husband found the note attached to a string in the woods on the familys 100 acres in the tiny town of LeGrange a little more than a year ago. Since the family was in the midst of moving, she set the note aside and forgot to mail a responseRecently while cleaning her office, Gena came across the note again.
I just think thats neat, Byrd said. If a child sends something off like that, its like putting a note in a bottle you always just wonder where it went. I just thought itd be neat to write back even though it was a period of time.
Sheri Dial Herndon, the principal of Green Grove, received the message and has been trying to locate Chavis.
Weve been trying to find out who this person is and havent been successful, Herndon said. Its interesting with it being out in the weather that is was legible. I know any child involved in something like this is always looking to get communication back from someone.
If you are the Jonathan Chavis who sent the note attached to the ballon, or know him, call the school at (910) 628-7433 and ask for Herndon.

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