Patrol: Sealey lied to superiors

First Posted: 6/17/2011

Here we go again. Get caught cheating and stealing and then run to the NAACP and yell racism. Too bad ole Purnie couldn’t do the same. At least he do go ahead and resign.
I want this bum’s resignation right now. He didn’t deserve to wear a SHP uniform, and he certainly has no right to sit on the County Commission. Anyone who will lie, cheat, and steal from one employer will do it to all involved. Wonder what he’s stealing in Robeson County? I’m sure there is ample opportunity.
Word on the street is that Sealey used plenty of NC tax dollars and equipment in running his private investigating business out of his HP crusier along with anything he might have done for the county as well. He should be made to pay back at the hourly rate he was paid every hour that they documented him on the phone, as well as a mileage charge for the gas he wasted. Tell me, Mr. Editor or others, how is this type of larceny any different from shop lifting, or any other larceny? Why isn’t he in jail? Same goes for the other one that was fired along with him. I expect there was a quid pro quo going on as well, for the good Lieutenant to cover for the lowly trooper.
Sealey, you make me sick and you are a disgrace to your race and to this county. If you have an ounce of decency or respect for yourself or your family you will resign from office now.

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