Residents asks deer hunters to stay away from her home

First Posted: 1/15/2009

To the Editor,

For a few years now, my neighborhood has been plagued with hordes of deer hunters. To no avail, we have kindly asked on many occasions that they refrain from hunting near our homes since we have small children who play outside and a dog with a nervous condition that cannot stand the constant sound of guns firing. Each request is met with a rude remark or total disregard.
Recently an older, disabled gentleman in my neighborhood asked again that they not hunt near our properties, only to be attacked with a rude comment. This same hunter then proceeded to the area where he hunts, fell in a hole and broke three ribs. Was this coincidence? Maybe, but I choose to believe that he reaped what he had sown.
I do not favor the sport of hunting down one of God’s innocent creatures and killing it. I think it is cruel and unnecessary unless one is hungry and this is their means of nourishment. I am not disillusioned to think that I can change the views of others but I do ask that all you hunters out there please stay away from my home when choosing a spot to kill your prey. I do not wish to have one of my children injured and I don’t care to explain to my boys why people insist on killing these beautiful animals.

Melanie Harvey

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