Crawford: Addison thwarts winged creature in win

First Posted: 1/27/2010

For once, the caped crusader couldn’t stop the perpetrator’s attack.
And it wasn’t between buildings in Gotham. It happened on the hardwood Tuesday night at Fairmont.
The Golden Tornadoes’ version of a masked henchman came in the form of Juwan Addison, who pick-pocketed his way to nine steals in the first half against St. Pauls.
A bat temporarily suspended play with two minutes left in the first quarter, darting in-and-out of the swarms of fans before being snuffed out with a towel.
Addison simply laughed at the appearance of the furry animal and glanced up at his team’s 41-point lead at intermission.
It wasn’t the first time he played basketball under bat-like conditions.
“He was up in here yesterday during practice,” Addison said, glancing at the rafters of Fairmont’s gym. “We’ve seen him or her before.”
Addison tallied 18 points in the opening 16 minutes, gathering most of his total from the fast-break variety on acrobatic layups and tip-ins.
Fairmont coach Richard Mitchell commended his team’s defensive performance in the first half, a stronghold that supplied the Golden Tornadoes with a commanding 24-0 lead early.
“Our press worked good for a half,” Mitchell said. “Juwan is still learning about the point guard position. He’s kind of like our spark plug. Our defense gets going through him.”
Addison’s 10 steals was a season and career-high for the 6-foot junior. Mitchell says Addison’s ability to guard the opposition is due to the size of his mitts.
“That kid has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen for someone his size,” Mitchell said. “Most of his points come at the defensive end.”
As for another bat scenario at home, Mitchell welcomes Fairmont’s new sixth man.
“I don’t know why everybody was scared of that thing, even our players were,” Mitchell said. “He always has everybody running in here except me. I wasn’t scared of him.”

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