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First Posted: 1/15/2009

Wednesday morning wasn't exactly a typical start of a day for me. Then again getting away from all the excitement I face on a routine basis only could be beneficial.
Normally I'm helping old ladies across the street, rescuing people from burning buildings and dashing up trees to save a helpless kitten or two.
And that's just on the way to work.
Ah, the life of a superhero sports-writing journalist -- if only everyone could lead a life as exhilarating as mine.
For once, though, the excitement for this caped crusader of cunning columns came in the form of a simple piece of mail that was lying on one of the sports department's desks at The Robesonian.
A closer inspection of the letter revealed it was meant for yours truly, so I perused the contents.
It didn't take me long to realize the gentleman who had written the note was none too happy with the column I wrote last week concerning the resignation of North Carolina basketball coach Matt Doherty.
In that particular piece I speculated Doherty was forced out because several of his players turned against him. The players in turn threatened to transfer if Doherty remained, and those cries were heard loud and clear by athletics director Dick Baddour.
As a result Baddour caved in to the pressure and forced Doherty out.
Whether I was right or wrong in my assessment of the events that transpired in Chapel Hill is up for debate.
I'm just glad somebody was willing to let me know what they thought.
In the letter the gentleman, who will remain anonymous, proceeded to tell me he did not agree with my evaluation. He also did not appreciate the legitimacy I lent to the hearsay and rumors that have been swirling concerning Doherty's resignation.
Finally, some input.
When I moved to Robeson County in August of 2001, there was a sense of apprehension that comes with any new job. Having lived in Pennsyl-vania my whole life I didn't know how I would fit in, and I was especially nervous about covering a region I knew very little about.
Over time those fears have subsided. Now I'd like to think that I, along with my fellow colleagues in the sports department, put out a pretty good product on a daily basis.
And speculate I must, considering Wednesday's letter was the first response from the community I've received since my employment.
Feedback -- good or bad -- is an essential component of a community-based newspaper. The more we get the better it is for our readers.
The fact is I'm just as approachable as the guy who's sitting in a sports bar chatting about whatever game is on the television. The only difference is I get paid to talk about it in the next day's paper.
I knew there was some reason I took this job.
Whether it is praise or criticism a reader wishes to bestow upon me, I'll take it as a compliment because that means people are taking the time to read the sports section.
If you're reading that means I'm still working.
And this superhero journalist has lived to write another day.
-- Jim Stamm can be chewed out or applauded daily at 739-4322, Ext. 118 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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