Connecticut man charged with drug crimes

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON - Police say they clipped a barber's attempt to make a drug delivery.
On Monday, authorities had to use force to arrest 28-year-old Edgar Laureano, a barber from Waterbury, Conn. He was charged him with two counts of trafficking cocaine, felony possession of marijuana, two counts of resisting arrest and jailed under $25,000 bond.
Police Sgt. Joe Howell said Caldero was driving on Interstate 95 near exit 22 when police tried to stop him for a moving violation. After Caldero pulled into the Exxon Shop gas station on Wintergreen Drive, Howell said police found cocaine, with a street value of $5,000, in a clear plastic bag under the driver's seat.
Officers also found marijuana separated into plastic bags inside a cardboard box in the trunk, Howell said. Police seized 4.5 ounces of cocaine and about 6 pounds of hydroponic marijuana from the rented 2006 Toyota Corolla, Howell said. The drugs had an estimated value of about $35,000.
Howell said Caldero told officers he was making a delivery and expected to be paid once he got a call on a cell phone he had been provided. Caldero said the dropoff spot was north of Lumberton, but he did not know where, according to Howell.
&#8220He said he met someone near Tampa and they gave him this box to deliver up north,” Howell said. &#8220He said he would drop off the cell phone and drugs at a specified location when they called.”
Caldero scuffled with police over the cell phone when he reached in his pants to secure it, Howell said.
&#8220We started to do a pat down for weapons and he pulled away and started to reach down his pants,” Howell said. &#8220We were concerned that he might have a weapon. We told him he was under arrest, he still wouldn't comply and that's when we had to take him down to the ground and handcuff him.”
Police seized his rental car and about $1,800 cash, Howell said.

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