Veteran wonders wheres help for those who served

First Posted: 4/20/2009

First, I am very sorry that you are in the current situation that you are in. MANY are in the same boat that you are in sir. The difference between me and you and millions of others that do not do enough to help themselves is we were taught how to survive in the worst situations possible.

Next, the thought of any veteran that wishes they were dead is disgusting and humiliating to me. This does not sound like anyone that I ever served with. Giving up is not an option at all. Put anything that man said out of your mind!

Finally, being a veteran myself, I can tell you there are many programs to help US when we need it. This assistance will not fall in your lap however. You must hammer the phone, email, etc. The public library has a computer for you to do research if you need to take advantage of that. Millions sit at home and wait for Obama, don’t be as foolish as them please sir.

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