From the Mayor’s Desk for Dec. 19

First Posted: 12/21/2011

The three main interests around this time of the year are
shopping, decorating, and cooking. I am sure you have probably done your
share of all three over the past few days or weeks and may continue during
the rest of this week as well. I do hope you won’t get so wrapped up in
these three activities so as to forget yet another important
Christmas “ing” which is loving. We all love gifts and getting them. The
same with seeing our homes all lit up by tree lights and pretty wreaths and
no sane person’s gonna turn down a slice of honey baked ham or turkey at the
big holiday meal. We seem to get so wrapped up in these holiday tasks that
the true spirit of the season just passes us by so today I want to just
share a few thoughts which I hope will warm your heart.

Isn’t it great to live in a small town where there seems to be a
lot of loving. We can shop in the midst of friends and neighbors who aren’t
intent on causing others injury, can get real compliments from neighbors
after we’ve decorated our tree, and share a new recipe for nutty fingers or
sausage balls with our friends who rave about how good they are. We can pile
in the car and ride around town to view everybody’s lights, attend the local
church youth programs, go caroling in the cool air, and warm ourselves by
the fireplace afterwards with a cup of hot chocolate. Don’t you just love
doing those things? Sure you do.

In our small community we have a heartwarming Christmas event,
Holiday on Main, in early December. A night time parade with lights on the
vehicles, a tree lighting ceremony and the reading of the Christmas story,
and enthusiastic Christmas songs to cap off a wonderful evening. We also
have much more. We have the customary church Christmas programs with
beautiful songs being performed by wide eyed children and very talented
adults, we have charitable acts of kindness highlighted by sharing of food
and clothes for those in need, we have store windows decorated to heighten
the season, and we have a visit from Santa riding a town fire truck with
gifts for dozens of town children. We also have a lot of love in Fairmont.
It can be felt not just at this time of the year but on a continuing basis.
It grows from each citizens heart and spreads to others. It can be seen in
the faces of seniors who enjoy bingo, event planners getting ready for their
big day, store owners giving “unofficial discounts” for a worthy cause, and
the deep pockets of many supporting events in our community.

I’m proud and honored to serve as Mayor in our small community
because it not only gives me a unique vantage point to be of service to
others but it provides me with the even more unique view of observing our
love for each other on a daily basis. That is the most satisfying part of my
office. I hope you have love in your heart at this time of the year and your
Christmas is the most wonderful ever. Fairmont is full of the Christmas
spirit and a town all aglow.

With seasons greetings,
Charles Kemp is the mayor of Fairmont. He can be reached at [email protected]

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