Littleturtle, champion of Indian culture, dies

First Posted: 1/12/2011

I have known "Uncle" Ray Littleturtle since I was 8 years old. I was there when he married the love of his life, Ma Kat and was fortunate enough to learn the ways of the circle from this man. He loved nothing more than to teach people, especially his people, about our culture. He was simply a source of wisdom that thankfully can be passed on because of his gift for speaking. I will forever miss hearing his words over the speakers at the pow wows.
Also, here is not the place or the time to have our usual arguments about the things that are happening with our tribe. This should be a time to celebrate the life of a man that will forever be in the hearts of his pow wow family as a grandfather, uncle, teacher, and friend.
Uncle Ray you have meant the world to me and your teachings will live in my heart always. God Bless you Ma Kat and I love you!
Go find your peace Littleturtle! You have ensured that the Lumbee tribe can and will be taught to those that want to learn and listen. My family and I will always see an empty chair at the emcee table and know that your spirit hovers, sending good feelings and words.
Love you,

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