Erin White following fame, fortune as actress to Hollywood

First Posted: 1/15/2009

“Hitch your wagon to a star!”
Erin White’s wagon will be a 21-feet U-Haul trailer as she heads west to follow a dream.
Miss White, 22, will depart September 16 to move to Studio City, California, where she will live and work just 10 minutes from Hollywood.
But before she gets behind the wheel of the U-Haul, Miss White will host an album premiere/going away/thank you party at the R. E. Hooks Community Center. It will be held this Friday, September 8 from 6 pm to midnight. It is open to anyone who’d like to hear her perform songs from her just completed new album, “Anticipation,” and who’d like to hear her say ‘thank you for all you’ve done for me.’
“Friday is a big going away party, and this is important for me. So many people have supported me for so long, I just have to thank them all, and a party is the best way to do that,” she said.
“Many friends I’ve met along the way will come and join us, so it will be a big reunion. They will perform, and I’ll perform songs from my new album, which people can pre-order, and there will be lots of food. I’ll get a chance to say goodbye.
“But best of all, it will give me a chance to say thank you to the people who’ve been behind me this far, the people who’ve made me who I am.”
Miss White has had a busy 22 years. She began acting in plays and singing as a child, things she’s continued to do into adulthood. She was crowned Miss Fayetteville and took runner-up honors in the Miss North Carolina pageant in 2003. When she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May, with a BS degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, she also ended her role in the university’s production of “Jekyll and Hyde.” She went straight from that stage to the stage of the Cape Fear Regional Theatre in its production of “Fame.’ For two Summers, she was an entertainer aboard cruise ships out of Palm Beach, Fl. She also volunteered as an EMT and worked at the Renaissance Spa in Fayetteville as a personal trainer.
She somehow managed time to write and record three of the eight songs on her album, which she recently completed at Smitty’s Studio in Greensboro with Brian Kennedy as her producer, pianist, arranger and manager and Mike Garigan, a former Universal Records artist.
She then flew to New York City for the photo session for the album’s cover with photographer Curtis Brown. During those three weeks in The Big Apple, she was also personal assistant to Shoshonna Bean, star of “Wicked,” who was also in a photo-shoot at Curtis Brown Studios.
“I want to focus now on screen-acting,” she said, “because music has always been there and will always be there. I love music and I know it will continue to be important, but I’d like to try something new–screen-acting.
“I’ve always planned to move to L.A. after graduation. During my many drama classes at Carolina, I determined that I wanted to be an actress. Music is always in my heart, but I felt screen-acting was where I would excel the most. This is a new and exciting adventure for me, and I’m very excited.
“I flew out to California recently and basically found an apartment and a job in the same day, so that was an encouraging sign. I have a final interview at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood on September 22 for a personal trainer position,” she said, “so I’ll be using my education
“The job will allow me to work at night and audition during the day, so that’s another positive. I might meet stars at work and others at auditions. How great is that!”
While Miss White’s wagon is clearly hitched to a star, she’s keeping her feet on the ground and being realistic.
“It’s hard to project a time-frame for myself out there,” she said, “It all depends on my spirit, on some luck, and on the hard work I put into it, built after four or five years I should know enough to make a judgment as to stay or move on. If I do move on, it will be into the medical field. I’m looking at medical school or physician’s assistant school.
“I’m ready to give screen-acting my best shot,” she said, “and on Friday I’m ready to say goodbye, wish me well and most of all, thanks.”
You can contact Miss White at her email address:

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