Sealey appeals to get job back

First Posted: 12/13/2011

This is too much. Stop wasting our tax dollars with these cry baby tactics. You should have followed the rules. You were warned but failed to stop double dipping on the job. You thought that you were above following the law. Now you want a break. I never got a break from any of you guys with the SHP. This is typical obama mentality. You think that just because obama is president that you automatically get a "pass" card. Wrong! By the way, obama is a joke and his playing on the job "like you" is destroying our ability to protect our country. Similarly, your playing on the job was hurtning our state. Get rid of the dead weight and get someone that will do the job. Sealey, here is some good advice for you. Go home, stay home and be quiet! The nerve of some people…

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