Pool fund resuscitated

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Just when the St. Pauls Kids Swim Free Fund had dried up, some generous gifts arrived to make sure local children will be able to use the public pool a little longer.
Donations have come in this week from Calvary Cornerstone Holiness Church, and from the Women of St. Pauls United Methodist Church.
This brings to $1,725 the amount contributed thus far this year to the Swim Free Fund.
The latest donations should last about two and one half to three weeks; at the rate the children are using the pool. Edna Muse, treasurer for St. Pauls Community Relief, which is sponsoring the Fund, says that it costs about $700 each month to allow all St. Pauls school children to swim free at the Dr. Arthur Bradford GAP (Get-A-Pool) pool, and that there is at least one full month left in the pool season before school begins. So a few more donations are needed.
Mail your tax deductible donations to St. Pauls Community Relief, P. O. Box 573, St. Pauls, North Carolina 28384. You can also drop them off to Mrs. Muse at the DMV office or to Paul Terry at The St. Pauls Review office. In the happy but unlikely event that there is money unused this year, it will be carried over to start the Fund up next year.
Thank you for your interest in St. Pauls’ children!

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