7.4 million facility would house linear accelerator here

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Cancer treatment center needs public support
Cancer happens. It affects people of all ethnicities, all economic levels and all ages.
If it were to happen to you or to someone you love, and treatments were to follow, wouldn’t it be a blessing to be able to receive those treatments right here in St. Pauls?
Radiation Medical Center has applied for a state permit to build a $7.4 million dollar linear accelerator facility, a cancer treatment here. You can help get it here by writing letters of support. Those letters of support are needed because Cape Fear Valley Medical Center is also trying to obtain state permission.
Both entities have filed a Certificate of Need (CON) statement with the state.
”Both CON’s are available for public view, and ours is better,” said Dr. John Leung, the proprietor of Radiation Medical Center, “ours is the better of the two, without doubt. We can serve the public better, our equipment is better, our physician resources are better.
”This linear accelerator facility is a great thing, a wonderful opportunity for all of Robeson and surrounding counties, and I’d like to gather community support for it, because the next phase is the state holding a Public Hearing on August 18, there in St. Pauls. At that Public Hearing, both groups seeking permits can show community support for it.
”A letter of support could be as simple as someone stating that they are a resident of Robeson County and have been for so many years and that they welcome and see a need for Radiation Medical Center there. We can tally these letters and this support and present them to the state during the Public Hearing, and make our request as favorable to the state board as possible.”
Dr. Leung has been working quietly behind the scenes to secure support from local officials, and now he is going public with his plans to build a cancer treatment facility here.
”I have been working on this for about six months, but I kept it under wraps until my application was sent to the state,” he said, “so we were not sabotaged by any other organization. We need and seek public support now. Now is the best time. All signatures are given equal weight.”
The deadline for sending letters of support for Radiation Medical Center is early August, ahead of the Public Hearing on August 18. Letters should be sent to Town Administrator Stuart Turille at the St. Pauls Town Office, P.O. Box 364, St. Pauls, North Carolina 28384.
If St. Pauls is awarded the linear accelerator, it would probably be located on Highway 20 West, where several sites are being considered.
If you would like to meet Dr. John Leung, and perhaps get a sample support letter, he will be attending the SP Board of Commissioners meeting tonight, Thursday, July 10. That meeting, which is open to the public, begins at 7 pm.

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