Trustees get thumbs down

First Posted: 1/15/2009

It is a sad commentary that more than 80 percent of the respondents to our poll do not have confidence in the Robeson Community College board of trustees to select the next president of that institution.
But why should they have confidence?
The board has done little in the past two years to engender confidence. First it acts in such a reckless manner that the college is placed on probation. And then, when the institution escapes that sanction, the first significant step the board takes is to decide not to extend President Fred Williams' contract beyond Sept. 30.
We will surprise you here, but we believe Williams' replacement will be well-qualified. Not because we have confidence in the trustees, but because we have confidence in the process.
We hope that the trustees do the right thing, which would be to establish high standards and advertise the position extensively so that there is a strong pool of candidates. After that happens, the board will forward a minimum of three names to Martin Lancaster, president of the state Community College System, who will forward a single name for approval by that system's board of trustees. So the key decision in this selection will not be made locally, which will make it more difficult to politicize.
Now, this week's question:
April 15 is approaching, and that deadline to pay state and federal taxes probably prompted an AP poll whose results can be found in a story on Page 3A today. The poll found that a substantial majority, 72 percent, of Americans say they would vote for a congressional candidate who supports a balanced budget over one who prefers tax cuts. We will ask the same question but, just for fun, turn it around.
Would you vote for a congressional candidate who prefers tax cuts over one who supports a balanced budget?

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