Fairmont High’s Justin Britt should have been All-County

First Posted: 1/15/2009

To the Editor, I am writing this letter regarding The Robesonian’s All
County baseball team. Justin Britt, a Fairmont baseball player, was left
off the team, which is a disgrace to baseball. He’s an All-Conference
player who hit for an average of .338 and committed only one error all
season. He started at second base and did a terrific job. No one who
knows baseball can say these numbers aren’t worth of all-county honors.
Why does one school get seven players on the All-County team and no
other school gets more than two? Fairmont did have a winning season with
a 14-8 record and we did make the playoffs. We also beat every team in
the county except Lumberton High, which we lost to in the Slugest by a
9-6 score. Justin Britt, therefore, is very worthy of All-County honors
and should be recognized for his efforts. There are not many, if any,
coaches in the county who can say that their everyday infielder
committed only one error this season. Justin was Fairmont’s Defensive
Player of the Year and in our opinion was as good as any player that
Fairmont competed against this year. Justin, I’m sorry that The
Robesonian made this awful mistake. However, you will always be
considered All County in the heart of all Fairmont baseball coaches,
fans and parents.

Sandy Thorndyke Baseball coach Fairmont High School

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