New city residents find value and fun at county fair

First Posted: 11/4/2009

To the Editor,
Every year, I comment on the fact that more families and seniors are attending the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair. I believe that one reason for the greater number this year is that residents are becoming aware that the walkways have been paved making it easy to maneuver strollers, wheelchairs and scooters.
And, every year I comment on the value offered attendees. There is much to see and experience for the $5 admission price. Yet, the same opportunities are there the days the admission is free. In addition to fantastic stage acts and terrific aerial acts, there were several strolling entertainers. The advance sale tickets were a fantastic value, particularly if you enjoy the rides $18 for admission, unlimited rides and an assortment of treats from participating vendors. And, this fair still does not charge for parking!!
Being a kid at heart, I particularly enjoyed the huge, 9-foot tall talking robot. On one tour around the grounds, he learned that Fair Board President Coble Wilson and his lovely wife were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary and he spontaneously acted as preacher and had them restate their wedding vows. Also new this year was the mechanical bull ride, camel rides and the bumper boats.
During 20-plus years of enjoying this event as a cotton candy concessionaire, we have established relationships with the finest people and businesses this side of the Mississippi. Consequently, this past March, we chose to move here. As residents of Lumberton, we can say, we are immensely proud of Our Fair.

Barbara E. McNeil

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