Eddings Gang Back on Stage

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Jim Rathgeber – Lifestyle editor
PEMBROKE -- Corbin Eddings, his wife Misha, his two sons Kalen and Brant, and his father Randolph are back for the 25th anniversary edition of the famed play “Strike at the Wind,” which continues through Aug. 25 at the Adolph Dial Amphitheater three miles west of Pembroke.
Corbin has the lead role of Henry Berry Lowrie for the second straight year, while Misha is back for the second season as his wife Rhoda Strong Lowrie. Kalen, 10, plays Henry Berry's cousin Wesley and 5-year-old Brant -- the youngest cast member in the history of the play -- is a citizen. Randolph has the role of Allen Lowrie, Henry Berry's father.
The production is a tribute to Henry Berry, North Carolina's most celebrated and notorious Native American, who was the leader of an outlaw band during the Civil War. They battled with white establishment to avenge the murders of Henry Berry's father and brother.
The play is staged each Friday and Saturday at 8:15 p.m. David Oxendine is back for a 16th season as artistic director, while Willie French Lowery is the musical director.
Tickets for the play cost $10 for adults (13 and older), $6 for those ages 4-12, $8 for seniors (55 and older) and $8 for each person is a group of 15 or more.
This is Corbin's ninth season with the play -- he was in it from 1981-84 and has been back since 1999 -- and he has played nine roles. He played young William in 1981, Henry Berry's cousin Wesley in 1982, Henry Berry's cousin Allen in 1983 and a citizen in 1984. When he came back in 1999, Corbin was cast as Henry Berry's brother Steve Lowrie. He had two roles in 2000 -- Col. Brantley Harris and bounty hunter Donahoe McQueen -- and in 2001 he played both of those roles as well as that of jailer Perkins. He took over the role of Henry Berry last year.
“I keep saying that I'm ready for a break … I always tell Misha that … but I always wind up back out there,” said Corbin. He went on to say that he figures to be back, with Misha, next season -- when they can again “renew” their wedding vows.
Misha sings one solo, “Brown Skin,” while she and Corbin do “I'm Ruff and Ready” together.
Robert Bryant, who has the role of Shoemaker John, is the only cast member who has been in the play for all 25 years.

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