Best of the bunch

First Posted: 1/15/2009

It's not by chance that staff writer Scott Witten's Page 1A story today on the effort to fill the county commissioner's seat left vacant by Gary Powers' death lists the candidates as follows: Ray Cox, Sammy Cox, Bruce Davis, Jane Smith and Tommy Wellington.
They are in alphabetical order because The Robesonian - which doesn't endorse candidates for local office - doesn't want to appear to favor one over the others.
The final choice will be with the county Board of Commissioners, which almost certainly will follow the recommendation of members of the county Democrat Party's Executive Committee who live in District 6, where the seat is vacant. Those members of the Executive Committee meet Tuesday night to make the selection, which will then be forwarded to the county board.
If you live in District 6, and you want your voice heard on who should represent you, here are - with apologies to all - the folks to ring up: Lumberton Mayor Raymond Pennington; Sen. David Weinstein; District Attorney Johnson Britt; Register of Deeds Vickie Locklear; Sheriff Kenneth Sealey; Robert Davis; Ann Crain; Chip Davis; Pat Thompson; Craig McMillian; Rocky Williamson; and Lance Harding Jr.
We believe that the Executive Committee members, barring any last-minute addition or subtraction, have a strong list of candidates to select from. We know all the candidates, some better than others, and believe some are more qualified than others for the seat. But it's a nice mix, some long on business experience, some with experience on public boards, some who have been tested before in political campaigns.
Our wish is that the Executive Committee members meet their obligation of recommending the candidate who not only has the most to offer, but will deliver it in a strong voice. District 6, where much of the wealth of Robeson County can be found, deserves nothing less than a staunch advocate.
The Executive Committee members have a political decision to make Tuesday night, but politics should not guide the decision. They need to select the most qualified man - or woman.

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