Red Springs Community Watch Zones

First Posted: 1/15/2009

The Red Springs Community Watch consists of four zones with a Zone Captain and Co-Captain.
For zones, see map above.

Zone 1 Area n Scottish Heights, Brown Avenue, Vance, First, Second Avenue, and Church, Coppedge, Roberts, Robinwood, Malloy and Harrington, etc.
Captain is Mrs. Angie Thomas and Co-Captain is Mrs. Mary Helen Pittman.

Zone 2 Area n Pecan Orchard, Hacket, Shannon Road, Charlevaux, College, East Third, Peachtree, Saratoga, McArthur, Mt. Tabor, etc.
Captain is Mrs. Eula McNeill and Co-Captain is RSPD Capt. Ronnie Patterson.

Zone 3 Area n Mill Village, Hubert McLean, McPhaul, West Fourth, Peterson, Richardson, etc.
Captain is Mr. Christopher Hicks and Co-Captain is Mr. Malcolm Townsend Jr.

Zone 4 Area n Bottoms, Eighth, Shook, Jones, Old Lowery, etc.

Captain is Mr. James Johnson and Co-Captain is Mr. James Mitchell.

For more information, contact Capt. Patterson of the Red Springs Police Department at 910-843-3454; Det. Sgt. Duron Burney of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Department at 910-671-6262; or Chairperson Ms. Shearlie McBryde at 910-843-4818.
The program meets the second Monday of each month.

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