One-stop voting delayed because ballots not ready

First Posted: 1/15/2009

LUMBERTON -- One-stop voting did not begin as scheduled this morning because ballots haven't been printed.
Pearlean Revels, director of the county Board of Elections, said that if ballots are not ready today, they should be ready by Friday. People wishing to vote can go to the elections office today and fill out an absentee application. The ballots will be mailed to them, Revels said.
“We're hoping to have the ballots by Friday,” Revels said. “But you can never tell, with every county in the state trying to get this done at the last minute because of the election delay.”
One-stop voting will end Sept. 7 at 1 p.m.
Voters who go to the elections office to vote must state their name and address and complete the application to vote absentee. Once the ballot is filled out, it is placed in a wooden ballot box and those votes are counted on election day.
One-stop voting, which has been available for several years, allows qualified voters to vote absentee in person at the county Board of Elections. Beginning with the November 2000 General Election, voters don't have to give a reason, such as being out of town on election day, for voting absentee by the one-stop method.
The elections office will take applications for absentee voting until Sept. 6.

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