Bad bats: Nine South Robeson bats deemed illegal

First Posted: 4/22/2011

Calling the bats illegal makes it sound like it’s criminal to use them. I think banned would be a better term.

There was a lot of excuse making and backpedaling in this article. The blame falls squarely on the coach and South Robeson AD.

The "the bats have been fine all year" quote was priceless because – no, they’ve been on the banned list all year. You just hadn’t been caught.

The quote about only checking for flat spots and dings because of player safety and not if the bats are banned made me laugh. The bats are banned because they aren’t safe!

Of course the "evil" umpire was from Wilmington. Gotta play up to the xenophobia around here a little. Maybe he decided to check for banned bats because it was an important game and he didn’t want either team to have an unfair advantage. That makes more sense than him doing it because he "ain’t from around here."

The blame pointed at stores for selling them and kids wanting them because their friends have them were big reaches as well.

The South Robeson AD and baseball coach need to thoroughly inspect each bat the team uses. Bottom line.

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