Police seek teen in Fairmont shooting

First Posted: 1/15/2009

FAIRMONT — Several people sought shelter in a the Food Lion grocery store on Monday when a gunman began firing shots from the McDonald’s on Market Street, according to police. Bullets struck at least three residences, but there were no injuries reported, authorities said.
No one has been arrested.
According to Fairmont police Lt. David Windom, police responded to a report of shots being fired at about 9:30 p.m. Employees and customers inside the McDonald’s at 400 Market St. said that a group of youths began arguing at the restaurant and one pulled out a small-caliber handgun and began shooting from the doorway into the parking lot.
According to Windom, the gunman took off running while continuing to shoot. A police report said the man fired shots toward an apartment complex on Market Street, striking three residences.
One of the bullets nearly hit Tara Baldwin, 35, as she was showering in her apartment. The report said the bullet entered Baldwin’s shower wall through the apartment of LaTaya Ladson, 30. Ladson said the bullet came through her window and traveled through Baldwin’s apartment wall.
Windom said a surveillance video captured the fight which appeared to include four teenager.
“We are continuing the investigation, interviewing witnesses and sorting through the stories,” Windom said. “We are confident we will have an arrest.”

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