Rep. McIntyre provides robust Christian leadership in Congress

First Posted: 10/26/2010

No Lumlumborn. You can’t stand alongside the wicked who are responsible for 4000 deaths by abortion each day. (The same hypocrites who complain about 4000 Iraq War deaths)(For the record, we are ALL hypocrites) Unlike your political and religious views, our Lord was VERY clear! Even though few lives are saved because of medical complications more children are aborted from pure irresponsible fornication than any other circumstance. You can’t love Jesus and support a President who says "we are not a Christian nation". You can’t support a President who has cancelled or not participated in Prayer Days because he was concerned in offending Muslims. Then turns around and participates and prays with the Muslims. I totally disagree with your gray outlook into spirituality and politics. In Christianity you go up or down, not in between. As politicians you vote WITH democrats or WITH Republicans! What the democrats have done to our country is an outrage! Birds of a feather flock together Mike.

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